We give a visual voice to an artists work.
We tell the story of space, of structure and of design.

Film    |    Video    |    Photo    |    Copywriting    |    Graphic Design    |    Social Content    |    Brand Strategy


Through video and photo we pour our love and appreciation of the built form into something with emotion, and context and align it to your vision. 


Architects, designers, craftsman, benefit from us showcasing their work to the world. Everything from landing large scale projects, boosting sales, and to gaining worldwide recognition, our content puts your craft into the hearts and minds of the people, and highlights its true potential for the world to see. 

Portrait photo of Christian McGuiness

Christian McGuinness

Head of Video

As our Head of Video, Christian is a master of capturing the beauty in every detail. 

Most creatives have a longing to express an inner part of themselves, an almost selfish desire to get others to listen. Christian however, seeks to tell the stories of others.

It is his passion for people that drives him, exploring what it is that connects us, and that which separates us. Change, evolution, depth are key factors in Christians work as he moves to create empathy and understanding through visual mediums. 

For the designer and visionary, there is no one better operator to articulate your passion and process through the lens and to your audience. This can translate what’s in ones heart, directly into the forefront of a customers mind. 

Meet Christian